Geotracking, re-defined.

A revolutionary global position tracking system for boats, yachts and everything marine.

Marine by btrack

btrack is a revolutionary global position tracking system for boats, designed and created by & for captains and boat owners.

Till this day, almost every gps tracker system was slow, ugly and unfuctional. Using these systems were simply boring.

This is the main reason we created the Btrack; a simple yet robust, user-centric gps tracking system. Btrack gives the users and agencies functional, real-time geolocation data; with route archives. It is super easy to use!

Real-time Data

btrack provides real-time location data up to 1 mt accuracy. You can filter your boats and view them on single map.

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Location Sharing

You can share your live location with your friends even if they are not btrack users (pity :)) This is perfect for co-op & group trips.

Device Logs

All your routes and way-points are stored securely on our servers. You can search and view your logs with timestaps and idle markers. A magical tool for post-trip memoirs, isn't it?

Geofences & Ignition data

btrack lets you define geographical points as borders and alerts you on enter & exit. You can define up to 500 different geofences and all geofence alerts are delivered to all your devices via e-mail, sms and online push alerts.

Data Integrity & Security

All location data is stored on our secure servers and backed-up daily.
Privacy is paramount and your data belongs to you. You can purge your data any time you like.

Perfect For Live Events & Races

Wouldn't it be cool to have a live map of the race for your event? Yes it would! With btrack, it's super easy to create kiosks with live maps.

Awesome Design and Compatibility

We believe that interface should help people do stuff instead of making life hell. Designed by our genius team, btrack have the easiest interface between geolocation systems!

Cool right?

So, if you want to start using this awesome system, drop us a line, and we'll get back to you!

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